Watch this video of Lynne McTaggart talking about this important teleseminar, and why
she wants YOU to join her.

TELECONFERENCE: Sunday, December 12th
6pm UK (BST) (1 pm Eastern; 10am Pacific; 7pm Continental Europe)

What is cancer and why do you have it?

Explore the answers – and the therapies that really do work – with one of the world’s greatest healers.

Dr. Patrick Kingsley and Lynne McTaggart, editor of What Doctors Don’t Tell You, in a teleconference call that you must hear if you have cancer, or know someone who does.

Dr Patrick Kingsley is a conventional doctor with a difference. For 30 years, he has quietly practised in a remote village in the heart of England – dealing with ‘incurable’ and ‘last resort’ cancers.

He has treated thousands of cancer patients who have been dismissed as lost causes by conventional medicine – and he hasn’t lost a single one.

Dr Kingsley cured Lynne’s own mother-in-law of end-stage breast cancer after being given three months to live. Six months later, the doctor who made the original prognosis saw Lynne’s mother-in-law walking in the street – and genuinely thought he was seeing a ghost! Astonished, he insisted on an immediate x-ray – and, sure enough, all the tumours had disappeared when before the breast had been a bleeding, open sore.

Dr Kingsley is one of the pioneers of ‘The New Medicine’. All disease, including cancer, is the result of an immune system that is not functioning properly; all disease can be overcome once the cause of the immune system failure is identified and reversed.

As he says, he does not cure anybody, but he can make sure the body cures itself.

In this remarkable 90-minute teleconference, you will learn:

  • what cancer is
  • how it develops
  • who is likely to get it
  • why conventional treatments are, at best, a short-term solution
  • the many ways you can begin helping yourself to overcome cancer
  • the things you can do for those who have been diagnosed with cancer
  • the ‘good practices’ you can adopt today to ensure you never become a cancer victim

Lynne McTaggart is also a pioneer of medicine. She has been researching medicine and its alternatives for 21 years as editor of the prestigious health journal, What Doctors Don’t Tell You.

Recently we ran a readers' survey, and invited them to tell us what they thought about What Doctors Don't Tell You.
There were hundreds of positive comments, and here is a small selection:
It gives a different perspective on health issues and reports on many things which rarely or never reach the general media, which is becoming more and more unreliable.
It’s absolutely necessary, and much appreciated. I couldn’t have thought of a world without it!
It is a reliable source of healthcare information that is not readily available elsewhere
You’re informing the public about how to better their health.
Important information for one’s health and the health of others.
WDDTY is a constant source of current and hard-to-find information for the layperson…and it provides a useful balance against the blizzard of misinformation from government agencies.
It is reputable, easily digested…your articles present me with health news that would otherwise be beyond my capabilities to understand.
When WDDTY suggests how to cure – or provides the latest information on how to cure – what could be better?
I have been a subscriber for many years and you are always a good few years ahead of anything that comes out in the media on health.
Who else does this with such passion?
It has a high level of integrity.
It has answered questions that have bugged me for some time – thanks!
It has information I believe everyone should know; Big Pharma seems to own medical schools and government, which is why it’s so great you are around!
I applaud WDDTY for being an independent and courageous voice to counter Big Pharma’s influence.
It has information you never get from doctors, and especially the press, until months, or more usually years, later.